Jeffrey Phillips of Phoenix Law Firm Sets A New Record For Handling Overtime Cases In 2016

Summary:Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC settles a record $3.0 million overtime case in 2016.

Phillip Dayes‚ the leading law firm specializing in providing justice for victims of workplace discrimination has settled $3.0 million worth overtime cases in 2016 alone. The law firm which is known for their sharp legal acumen has been fighting cases of cheating of employees by unscrupulous employers for many years now with an impressive record of success.

“We are delighted to announce that we have been able to successfully settle overtime case worth a huge $3 million in 2016‚” says the spokesperson for the company. “We have been making employees aware of their rightful claim to overtime pay. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the usual tricks that employers use to deny workers the right wages for their efforts.”

Over the years‚ Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC has emerged as the best legal resource for employees battling overtime lawsuits. According to the legal hawk eyes of the firm‚ workers are entitled to certain rights including the right to overtime pay to the  tune of 1.5 times of their hourly wages if they work for more than 40 hours in a work week.

Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC is a firm believer in the philosophy of offering top quality legal services and combining it with the all the resources needed to protect the rights of workers. They are experts in employment law and have been representing the rights of employees in Arizona, Utah, and California for many years now.

The employment law specialists are acknowledged as the best in this area of law and have the experience‚ knowledge, and passion required to tackle even complex cases with ease. They have helped many workers fight for the fair compensation and have provided justice to those who have been wronged by their employers.

Defending the rights of mistreated employees is what the law firm has been focusing on for many years now. Their experience helps them understand the unique concerns associated with this area of law so that they can address these concerns better. The expert lawyers at Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC believe that clients deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect. They make it a point to know each client on a personal level and understand the circumstances for which they are seeking specialized legal assistance.

Apart from being experienced overtime lawsuit attorneys‚ the employment law attorneys also deal with cases related to employment discrimination‚ debt harassment‚ and dangerous drugs.

This allows us to help our clients make educated decisions about the proceedings that will affect their lives, and we feel that this is the determining factor that has led to our success.

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