Parkway Display: the Professional Manufacturer in Custom Point of Purchase Display Industry

January 12, 2017

Summary:Buy POP Displays, Point of Sale Displays, Retail Displays, Display Stands, Display Racks, Store Fixtures, Trade Show Displays, Acrylic Displays, Wood Displays, Cardboard Displays, all at unbeatable prices from Parkway Display!

The meaning of Parkway Display in Chinese is that it unites all the design strengths in this Point of Sale display industry, and to be the best one in this industry to offer better service and gain recognition from customers. To become a leader in this industry means that our technology, product quality, management level, business model, corporate culture should all take the leading position in the industry. This is our enterprise’s development goal.

Established in 2008, with about 3 thousand and 600 square meters factory and nearly 100 employees, Parkway Display Products Limited is one of the professional manufacturers in Point of Sale Display industry in Shenzhen, China. There are many enterprises in Shenzhen and the people here do not like publicity, just learn and develop itself quietly, which casts many invisible champion enterprises. Parkway Display Products Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Parkway Display”) is one of them, also steps silently towards the position of first brand in the field of Point of Sale Display.

Win the trust of customers with profession

In an industry which is the closest but farthest to the consumers, maybe you'll never hear the name “Parkway Display”, but you certainly have met it many times. In the store shelves that you passed inadvertently and when you buy L'Oreal cosmetics, Coca-Cola, chocolate and etc, you must take the goods that was placed in Display Stands or Display Racks which is produced by Parkway Display, with look and see more than once. Perhaps you were attracted to there by the fine display. The one who can catch the attention of consumers will be the winner in the era of eyeball economy. If all the brand companies have already grabbed the consumer's psychological cognition in marketing, then Parkway Display is the last link which helps them to win consumers and improve the transaction rate.

Vincent Ho, the president of Parkway Display, when talks about the Point of Sale Display, he can’t help to sigh “Point of Sale Display is a new industry emerging nearly ten years in China, and was noticed slowly by the market. In fact, we are the nearest one with consumers. But consumers do not know who I am.” Indeed, Point of Sale Display is essential, and is closely linked with consumption, but it can obtain what we need directly as consumer goods. But it does not affect the pace of Parkway Display, because terminal display is concerned by the market, and brand companies pay attention to the terminal display, also pay attention to Parkway Display.

As a company who enter into this Point of Sale Display industry at the early time, Parkway Display has its development opportunities. In the early rudimentary stage of this industry, it wins the trust of numbers emerging brand customers, and establishes long-term cooperation with many years of professional manufacturing and service. In the world, many familiar brands are mostly serviced by our company, such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Mars, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Oxette, Calvin Klein, Wrigley, Unilever, P&G, Kinder, Wyeth, Kraft, Nestle and so forth. With the development of the brand enterprise serviced by our company, Parkway Display also grow step by step. In ten years, with the lead of Vincent Ho, Parkway Display developed from a team with several people to the largest pos display stand manufacturer in China. Now it builds many standards for the development of the industry and also trained a large number of outstanding talents. Today, Vincent Ho has more than 3 thousand and 600 square meters of modern industrial plants, dozens of advanced production equipment, and the excellent team consisted by hundreds of members. Customers are from a dozen hot industries including communications, home appliances, cosmetics, jewelry chain, feminine styling, garment retailing, luxury goods, drinks, daily necessities, glasses industry and so on.

The comprehensive reputation accumulated for nearly ten years in the industry also brought more possibilities for the development of Parkway Display. In recent years, an increasing number of products produced by Parkway Display were exported to Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and other global markets.

Build a development platform for staff

PD can be developed to be the largest domestic pos display stand manufacturer, and it is inseparable with the efforts of a number of outstanding talents. Parkway Display has always been concerned about the cultivation and development of talents. The competition for job responsibility will be held irregularly by Parkway Display each year. In October this year, the production sector of Parkway Display want to regulate the operation processes of front-line staff and improve their skills, the labor skills competition was held 3 days by manufacturing center. The players from each production workshop showed production operation skills with high standard. In the annual competition, it isn’t that the winners are always old employees, some new employees who are willing to study even better than older employees. Vincent Ho thinks that the competition of labor skills is not only a competition, but also a learning platform for different sectors. It is the hope for the development of the company that we have the spirit of learning actively and racing each other.

On the other hand, Parkway Display has its own unique management way from salary design to employee developing plan. As early as many years ago, Vincent Ho began to interiorly carry out the management model that each sector operates and manages independently. It requires that the department managers should have the business sense to save the costs and improve efficiency for the streamline production of company. In the initial period the mechanism, the two hundred thousand of saving costs were given to the staff of production department by Vincent Ho as bonus, which created a great sensation in the Parkway Display at that time. But it is not enough to control internal management just by bonus. Apparently, Vincent Ho thinks further. He believes that excellent employees generally have three requirements: earning money, growth platform and entrepreneurial platform. What he wants to do is to meet these requirements by Parkway Display. At the same time that is also the care for employees and to retain the outstanding talents in our company.

Some excellent employees of Parkway Display who have their own entrepreneurial aspirations will be supported by the way providing shares to offer the opportunities for their entrepreneurial dream after finishing the assessment. Employees can get shares only by a small amount of investment, and get investments from Parkway Display. Vincent Ho said that it is very unique and attractive for cooperation and profit sharing arrangement, on the one hand, can retain the internal staff, and let them having the understanding of development space in Parkway Display, whether it is working or entrepreneurship, it will give them the possibility in the platform provided by Parkway Display.

Become a standards setter

As the first batch of company developed in this Point of Sale Display industry, it can’t be led by any predecessors with the blanks of the industry. But it gives many development spaces for the company, for instance, setting various standards and competition regulations for the industry and so forth.

The meaning of Parkway Display in Chinese is that it unites all the design strengths in this Point of Sale display industry, and to be the best one in this industry to offer better service and gain recognition from customers. Our enterprise’s development goal is that our corporate level, business model, corporate culture should all take the leading position in this industry. In Parkway Display, it has formed a scientific and professional concierge-like brand service system from various design schemes, including POP Displays, Point of Sale Displays, Retail Displays, Display Stands, Display Racks, to large-scale manufacturing and from the early communication with the guests for the design to product molding and delivering it to all parts of the world.

The vision of all employees in Parkway Display - strive to become the setter of the standard, rather than the follower of it standards.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Parkway Display Products Limited
Contact Person: vincent ho
Phone No: 86-755-23425065
Address: 6/F, Zhongyu-B, Wenge Road, Heshuikou, Gongming
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Website Url:

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